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Fantasy™ Wireless Charger

Trade-in all those other charging cables for the WireRun® FantasyWireless Charger. This Qi-enabled wireless charger is clear with a black charging pad equipped with an LED aim indicator that illuminates red to quickly find your charger even in the dark. The compact design allow you to bring it anywhere you go.


  • Non slip pads makes the charger stay put where you place it.
  • Durable plastic design will withstand occasional bumps and drops.
  • The non-slip housing ensures perfect placement.
  • Eliminate the overheating concerns associated with some wireless chargers.
  • 3.937”( 100mm) diameter X .374”(9.5mm) thick 2.82oz (80g) weight.
  • Sleek, compact build takes up minimal space.

Additional Product Details & Specifications

what's Special About The Fantasy™ Wireless Charger?

    • This Qi standard charger has an output of 5V/1A which will charge your phone quickly and without cumbersome cords.
    • The high efficient driver design means the charger will stay cool to the touch even if your phone remains on the unit for an extended period of time.
    • The built-in over-voltage, under-voltage short circuit protection keeps this charging grommet safe even in storms.
    • Once plugged in, a red “aim” indicator light will illuminate allowing you to place your phone on the charger even in the dark.
    • When charging, a blue light will glow* on and off allowing you to visibly see that your phone is charging.*Indicator will not turn off when charging is complete.
Fantasy Wireless Charger Illuminated
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Wireless QI Charger - 5W