Metal Grommet

These grommets provide a cosmetic and practical cover for your desk holes and are outfitted with a rubber brush to hold your wires and cables in place and prevent them from dropping behind or under your desk once disconnected. Or remove the cap to allow larger wires easy access to the top of the table or desktop


  • Overlapping edge holds grommet in place and covers any rough edges in your desk for a finished look
  • Available in Brushed Bronze, Brushed Nickel or Polished Chrome to match any table top
  • 3 sizes available; 2”, 2.5” or 3”
  • The twist and lock design will hold the cap, and your cable securely in place


  • Soft rubber top on the metal lid with a star cut that meets in the center to allow cable pass-through and retention
  • A firm grip on the cabling will prevent wires and plugs from falling down through the desktop when not in use
  • Neatly feed wires away from desktops and work surfaces
  • The rubber brush is designed to accommodate various wires and cords of any size
  • The non-permanent design allows the grommet to be lifted to accommodate cables or objects with large plugs or end faces
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