WireRun® Drop-Over Cord Cover With Optional Corners

WireRun® drop-over cord cover design enables the ability to install the covers without unplugging cords or running the cords through the end of the cord protector. Available in 36″ and 60″ with dog bone connectors to extend the cord covers to the length you require. These cord covers are perfect for placement in offices, schools, or anywhere you need to remove potential trip hazards and protect cables and cords from light traffic.


  • Heavy enough to lay still, however, for more stability double-sided tape can be used to secure to carpeting
  • Sturdy rubber material withstands the rigors of office, warehouse, airports, or any place with small foot or trolley traffic
  • Low profile design allows office chairs to roll over them with ease
  • 45° left and right turns available (Optional)
  • Available in Black, Gray, Safety Yellow and in 36” as well as 60”
  • Protects cables and cords from damage caused by pedestrians or light vehicular traffic
  • Raised textured outer surface provides traction for wheels or shoes