WireRun® Snapper Raceway Cable Management System

WireRun® latching raceway is an economical and durable method for organizing cables in home, office and more. Available in two size options, each with a full range of accessories, WireRun® Snapper Raceway is a versatile and customizable solution for running cables discreetly and safely along walls, baseboards, desks and more. Its self-adhesive backing will stick to virtually any flat surface, and it can be painted to match your decor and easily cut to the desired size.


  • 3/4” x ½” 1-piece raceway – length of 6 feet
  • 1 ½” x 3/4” 1-piece raceway – length of 6 feet


  • Ceiling entry ports
  • End caps
  • 3-way T junction
  • Inside corner
  • Outside corner
  • 90-degree elbow
  • Splice joint